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Branson’s Railroad Depot

206 East Main Street Branson, MO 65616
Phone: (417) 334-6110

One of the most beautiful railways in Branson is the Branson Scenic Railway. It was originally created in 1905 that was a depot for the railway. It was used for administrative purposes along with an office to sell tickets for ongoing customers. Also included in the depot was a simple gift shop that sold small souvenir items that were about trains.

It took over seven years to construct the rail system, but would become one of Americas most intriguing sites. Most people don't the travel route of the Branson Railway, but its purpose was connecting a continues rail between the states of Missouri and Arkansas. This follows the latitudinal approach of north to south that allowed trains to travel fast through the terrains and steep valleys that automobiles couldn’t do.

Though the scenic view on the train was enjoyable, the true treat of the Branson Railway was enjoying the actual cars about of the train. The owners made the train seating unassigned so that the passengers would enjoy of tour of the train during their travels. The train was divided into nine different sections including; locomotive, coach, buffet lounge, dome lounge, seat diner, and observation decks.

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