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Black River Rafting

The Black River runs around the islands of the Black River Wilderness Family Campground. The setting is private, secluded and left for the most part in its natural state.

In the summer months you can enjoy an afternoon’s paddle on this peaceful flat water river, as it winds its way through hardwood and coniferous forest. There are plenty of spots to explore while you admire the tree-lined banks and wildflowers, listen to birds sing, and experience the occasional excitement of a small swift.

For the young and the young-at-heart, this area is a natural water park. Bring your water shoes and your inner tube. Let the gentle current carry you through the islands, bounce you through a series of small rapids, and race to the top to start again!

In the spring, the water levels rise and the river provides an excellent opportunity for more experienced paddlers to practice their whitewater skills as the river rushes around the islands.

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