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Webster University

1 Pinckney Blvd # 12 Beaufort, SC 29902
Phone: (843) 524-1851

Career-minded professionals from both the military and the private sector are finding Webster University in Beaufort SC to offer a practical opportunity to develop as a professional and advance their careers. The Beaufort campus joined Webster's global campus network in 1979 and since then successful students have found hope in allowing their imaginative dreams to take flight.

Thanks to the Univsersity's evening and weekend classes, even the busiest professionals can find a masters program in a number of areas from business to computers and computer technology to education or social science just to name a few. To make this opportunity even more convenient, Webster university offers on line courses that are available to each student asynchronously so that whether it is one in the afternoon or three in the morning classroom time is available. Webster University believes in giving students every possibility to learn and that is why they offer the unparalleled opportunity to blend the courses taken in one of their classrooms with courses taken on line to complete the same degree. Webster University in Beaufort SC offers enrollment to new and returning students who wish to succeed in today's competitive workforce.

Find out more about the specific programs they offer and let the possibilities unveil themselves. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi "the future depends on what you do today."

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