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Southurn Rose Buggy Tours

1002 Bay Street Beaufort, SC 29902
Phone: (843) 524-2900

Beaufort County in South Carolina is a place every American should visit at least once. Southurn Rose Buggy Tours is the best way to get the complete experience, with informed and friendly tour guides. Animal lovers will be glad to know that the carriage horses are given the best care possible; and are not made to work under extreme weather conditions.

Ladies, if you have envisioned yourself having a quintessential Victorian style wedding, then SouthurnRose Buggy Tours offers a special wedding carriage that can seat up to sixteen people. Many people forgo vacations due to financial problems; however, the buggy tour is perfect for people on a budget. The tours are very reasonably priced; they last almost an hour, and children get a discount. You certainly get your money's worth. This is an excellent way to learn about the historic landmarks in the city while having fun with family and friends.

The buggy tour adds to the ambience of the historic district of Beaufort; and, offers the tourist a fulfilling and unique experience of one of the oldest towns in South Carolina.

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