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Sanctuary Golf Cat Island

8 Waveland Avenue Beaufort, SC
Phone: (843) 524-0300

The Sanctuary Golf Club at the Cat Island is a golf course or club that has been constructed on an island off of the eastern coast of Georgia in the United States. It provides both membership and status to people so they can play the game of golf. It is most famous for being a golf course on an island that offers golfers a round at a relatively low fee. Usually. island property, and, therefore island golf courses tend to be quite expensive.

Sanctuary Golf Club, originally designed by George W. Cobb, was refined by Jeff Brauer in 2008. Besides golf, the all-season club offers dining, tennis, pools, a fitness center, and hosts weddings and events. Up until recently, it was known as the South Carolina National Golf Club.

The golf course is most notable for the fact that it is located on an island and does not charge a huge fee for people to play. Every week hundreds of people come to enjoy the many services offered at this newly refined golf course in southern Georgia.

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