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Distance from hotel: 38 Fiddler Drive Beaufort SC 29907
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If you want to experience all of the remarkable natural beauty of the real South Carolina, then you should learn more about guide services and chartered fishing trips. These are great ways for outdoor enthusiasts of any skill level to get deep into the wilderness and see what's really out there.

A local guide service will be your ticket to up close Lowland exploration. One of the great things about traveling to the lovely South Carolina coast is the opportunity for sport fishing. However, not all visitors are especially familiar with the area, so it really pays to go along with a professional guide. Your guide will show you all the places that the locals themselves like to fish. Choose someone who is licensed and insured to make certain that your trip is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

You will love spending the day out on the water beneath the sparkling blue sky. With a little help from a chartered captain or guide, you can personally experience everything that the Lowland has to offer to a visitor like yourself.

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