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John Mark Verdier House Museum

208 Scott's Street, Beaufort, SC 29902
Phone: (843) 379-3331

Once decrepit and almost destroyed, in recent years, the John Mark Verdier House Museum in Beaufort, South Carolina was restored to its 1804 state. The house and museum stand proudly on a downtown corner in Beaufort.

A notable home in size, style and ingenuity for its time, Mr. Verdier specifically positioned the residence to capture the winds, forming a natural cooling system for the home. Verdier landed on luck when he chose to plant cotton. Therefore, his mansion boasts exquisite architecture of the wealthy class of the early nineteenth century. The Verdier House is home to a museum, which features local history exhibits. Serving as a military headquarters during the Civil War and as the site of the first telephone post in the city, the Verdier mansion has many stories of its own to tell.

The museum is open Monday through Saturday and welcomes children and adults. Discover unique historical details on one of the guided tours of the Verdier House Museum, which are scheduled to begin every half hour.

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