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Hunting Island State Park

1 North Beach Road Fripp Island, SC
Phone: (843) 838-2011

Hunting Island State Park is a magnificent destination for any traveler of the beautiful South Carolina coast. With its 5,000+ acres, the park teems with wildlife and unique landscapes. It is one of the top camping destinations in the state with ample grounds and over 1 million annual visitors.

From the extensive swampland to the ancient dunes topped with semi-tropical forests, this island is a no-brainer for locals and palmetto-state pilgrims alike. Adjacent to Fripp Island and less than 40 minutes from I-95 the journey to Hunting Island is easy and rewarding. For wildlife watchers summertime brings nesting turtles. The large lagoon is home to seahorses and a variety of other elusive marine life. Slews of migratory birds call the park home during some portion of the year. For those craving a more social experience, nearly five miles of beach are available during the day year-round. A grand view of the park and the expansive Atlantic can be attained from the only publicly accessible lighthouse in SC. From over 100 ft. in the air you will look down over the forestÕs diversity, the nearby resorts, and the natural wonder of the ever-changing coastline.

Whether you are camping, hiking, or just visiting, Hunting Island State Park is a must-see destination in any South Carolina experience.

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