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Historic Downtown Beaufort

811 Bay Street #4 Beaufort, SC 29902
Phone: (843) 525-6644

Located in the Southern tip of South Carolina on Port Royal Island, Beaufort is a town rich in history, antebellum architecture and tons of local artists This delightful area is also close to Parris Island and the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

Beaufort, South Carolina was founded in 1711 by the British. Indian attacks and threats from the Spaniards kept the town small, but in time prosperous ship building activity filled the area. Eventually the area became the home to the privileged and plantations sprung up all over. While plantations were known for their slaves, the town of Beaufort is also known for it's huge emancipation efforts. You can find the original settlement of Beaufort in the downtown area. This popular tourist attraction has been deemed National Historic Land. There are over 70 places in Beaufort registered on the National Register of Historic Places.

With a solid Historical Society, visitors can expect to enjoy the beautiful antebellum architecture so unique to this area for generations to come. Visitors also love the local art scene which consists of 20 art galleries filled with works by great artists from all over the community. Beaufort is also home to ARTworks, a 12000 square foot building dedicated to the arts and theatre, plus the University of North Carolina Beaufort has its own performing arts center. If you came for fun, you will find plenty of that too. Beaufort hosts its own film festival the first week of March. During mid July for two weeks you will find Water Festival and The Beaufort Shrimp Festival running the first weekend in October. Beaufort is also known for great fishing, water sports and the states most popular park, Hunting Island, which is located close by.

So if you are looking for a cultured, yet fun destination, Beaufort South Carolina will make for a new and memorable trip with each visit.

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