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Charles Street Gallery

914 Charles Street Beaufort, SC 29902
Phone: (843) 521-9054

The renowned Charles Street Gallery is located in beautiful historical Beaufort. Founded by husband and wife Sonny and Georgia Phillips, the gallery is housed in an elegant turn of the century home. This unique setting provides art lovers with a memorable shopping experience.

The Charles Street Gallery showcases a number of diverse artists throughout the year. From October to May of each year, visitors are treated to eight different exhibitions of world-class art. Collages, oil paintings, monotypes, prints, watercolors, sculpture, and many other art forms are represented in these exhibitions. Most notably, the Charles Street Gallery features an extensive collection of fine Japanese antiques. These items represent many different historical epochs and range from furniture to curios. The Phillips personally verify the quality of these antique items, so shoppers are guaranteed to find many lovely and distinctive items. The gallery also provides custom framing services for unframed art purchased in the gallery or brought from a customer's personal collection.

Art lovers and antique fanciers are sure to find something exceptional at the popular Charles Street Gallery. All visitors are welcome.

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