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Beaufort Shrimp Festival


In South Carolina, the Beaufort Shrimp Festival is celebrated every year with great pomp and show. Thousands of people, both locals and visitors alike come to Waterfront Park in historic downtown Beaufort, South Carolina to watch and participate in various kinds of fun activities. Just from the name of the festival itself you may attracted to the place and after the festival has ended, you may have mouth-watering memories about the delicious , fine, fresh shrimp dishes you were able to sample during the festival.

During the Beaufort Shrimp Festival, the local restaurants are busy making different types of shrimp dishes, and prizes are awarded for the best recipe. There is a huge amount of shrimp consumed on these festival days.

Preparations for this great event start many weeks in advance. There is music, events, fun and race competitions like Beaufort Shrimp Festival 5K Run, Beaufort Shrimp Festival Walk, Beaufort Shrimp Festival Popcorn Shrimp Run for kids and everyone has a chance to get out and enjoy the all of the festivities. People stroll in the streets dressed in their best dresses and the kids have plenty to do.

The Beaufort Shrimp Festival offers a wonderful opportunity to experience an incredibly fun filled, tasty, enjoyable festival complete with southern charm.

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