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Beaufort Memorial Hospital

955 Ribaut Road Beaufort, SC
Phone: (843) 522-5200

Beaufort Memorial Hospital in Beaufort, South Carolina, is the largest hospital between the historic southern cities of Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina.

For over 60 years, Beaufort has served the Intercoastal region with nearly 200 beds available for patient care. The hospital provides everything from an emergency room and primary care services to a medically supervised fitness center and well known cancer treatment center. Beaufort is associated with Duke University, and this affiliation allows Beaufort patients many advantages, including access to Duke research trials through the Keyserling Cancer Center. For Beaufort staff, the affiliation creates opportunities for the staff of the hospital to train and consult with top tier medical professors at Duke Medical School.

The Joint Commission has awarded Beaufort with its Gold Seal of Approval. The Seal indicates that the hospital continually complies with the Joint Commission's national standards for quality of care and safety in the health care setting. This voluntary accreditation indicates that Beaufort consistently strives to achieve high quality care for its patients, and succeeds. For visitors or those living in the Intercoastal region, Beaufort can meet the needs of its patients and exceed their expectations.

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