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Beaufort Kayak Tours

600 Linton Lane Beaufort, SC 29902
Phone: (843) 525-0810

If one is looking for fully narrated tours in the beauty of Beaufort, Hunting Island, and the Ace Basin, these kayak tours are accessible to nearly everyone, using easy to enter and incredibly stable kayaks and being led by the tour owners, Kim and David, who are degreed and certified Beaufort History Tour guides.

Tours are scheduled so that the paddling done during the tour is in sync with the tides. They are a small and customer service focused company, and offer only one tour per day. They allow the customer to schedule when they would like the tour to happen. Every tour is available each day until someone requests a specific tour, those who want to kayak at the same time will join that tour. These tours are and excellent choice if one seeks to learn about historical aspects of the area, or a natural history experience, the customer will decide what the tour will be about.

Tours can be scheduled at their website, or by calling them. These tours are accessible, educational, family friendly and fun, and offer a very personalized experience to the customer's taste.

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