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Beaufort International Film Festival in Beaufort, South Carolina is one of the rapidly growing film festivals in the country. This festival made its first appearance 6 years back and since then the number of people attending the film festival has grown 5 times. The number of people visiting the festival grew from 500 in the first year to 7000 in 2012.

The festival attracts filmmakers and films from different parts of the globe. The festival usually happens in the month of February and 7th edition of this film festival has been scheduled to happen in the mid of February 2013. The Beaufort film society starts accepting entries from the film makers, who are willing to screen their films in the competitive section of the festival. It starts accepting entries from July 2012 and the deadline for accepting the entry for next years film festival is end of October 2012.

There are actually different categories in the competitive section including feature films, documentaries, student films, short films, Animation and Screenplay. As a participant, one could give their entry in one or more category. The film society that runs this film festival wants to show case Beaufort as an attractive film destination . Beaufort had already been used as a backdrop location in movies such as Forrestgump. The society also calls for Early bird entries in the month of July.

If you are a film maker and willing to showcase your films or documentaries , you could send your entries to the Beaufort Film Society.

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