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Beaufort Arsenal Museum

713 Craven Street Beaufort SC
Phone: (843) 525-7077

One of the best things about visiting South Carolina in the heart of the southern United States is getting to visit so many remarkable historic sites. The city of Beaufort, South Carolina can boast a rich historic tradition and is happy to share this tradition with everyone who comes to visit. One of the most remarkable historic points of interest in Beaufort is the Arsenal Museum.

Visiting this museum a real treat for anyone curious about military history and US history in general. The Beaufort Arsenal Museum was originally built way back in 1798, not long after the Declaration of Independence was signed. This building has been an active part of United States history since 1776, back when the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery group was active in the Revolutionary War. The structure was rebuilt in 1852 and today opens wide its doors to visitors from near and far.

The historic educational site is open to the public from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day except Wednesday and Sunday. It is a favorite stopping point on the historic district walking tour.

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