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Arts Council of Beaufort County ARTworks

2127 Boundary Street, Suite 18A Beaufort, SC 29901
Phone: (843) 379-2787

The Arts Council of Beaufort County, a not for profit organization, hosts many events and provides workshops and classes to promote the arts in the low county.

The Council provides a clearinghouse of local artistic events from concerts and plays to gallery openings and classes for artists of all ages and skill levels. In addition to promoting these local events and educational opportunities, the Arts Council hosts Artists in Residence by providing artists with affordable space in which to work. The Arts Council provides especially strong support to budding child artists, including summer programs in visual and performing arts that last for weeks and introduce young artists to concepts like drawing from the natural beauty of the low country and designing costumes and sets for the stage. In addition to classes and hosting artists, the Arts Council operates a 120 seat theater that offers prices not much higher than those for a movie.

For residents and visitors looking for a low cost entertainment option outside of the multiplex, the Arts Council's Black Box theater is a perfect fit. The Arts Council truly offers something for everyone.

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