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Ace Basin Tours

1 Coosaw River Drive Beaufort, SC 29907
Phone: (843) 521-3099

When one is looking to explore the natural beauty and wildlife of the Ace Basin, Ace Basin tours is an excellent medium of experiencing this. Regular tours are scheduled weekly from March though November, leaving at 10 AM on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The Ace Basin Tours are located on the Intracoastal Waterway outside of Beaufort, and has regular charter tours of the basin aboard their own Dixie Lady, a 21 passenger pontoon boat with a cover over it. Visitors are welcome to bring their own drinks, but cold drinks are also served on board. Tours are about three hours long, and will travel through the marshes and islands of the Ace Basin, led by Captain Stan, who is a former coast guard captain and shrimper with life-long experience with the Ace Basin. The tours leave the Ace Basin dock on Coosaw Island, which was featured in the famed movie Forest Gump.

If one is looking to experience the wildlife and beauty found in the Ace Basin, these tours are perfect for anyone interested, so come and experience the wonders of the Ace Basin.

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