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British Columbia is the third largest and most westerly province in Canada, it's larger than any of the U.S. states, except Alaska, and is four times larger than Great Britain. The Yukon and Northwest Territories form B.C.'s northern border that stretches for 1062 km (669 mi.) along the 60th parallel, and to the east B.C. and the province of Alberta share a common boundary that runs in a northerly and southerly direction, as it follows the Rocky Mountains for 1545 km (973 mi.). To the south, British Columbia's neighbours are the states of Washington, Idaho and Montana, this border on the 49th parallel is 650 km (409 mi.) long. Forming the west boundary of B.C. is the Pacific Ocean. The distance of this coastline that includes the mainland and all islands is more than 27,000 km (16,900 mi.).

Area: 952,263 square km (367,699 square mi.)
Population: more than 3,900,000.
Capital: Victoria
Official Flower: Pacific dogwood
Official Bird: Steller's Jay
Official Gemstone: Jade
Official Tree: Western Red Cedar

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