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Willock and Sax Gallery

Explore Canadian culture in a whole new light at the Willock and Sax Gallery in Banf, Alberta. Presenting a rich collection of historical and contemporary art, the Willock and Sax Gallery offers a wide variety of paintings, sculptures and drawings to transport visitors into the magical world of Canada.

Located in picturesque Banff, Canada the Willock and Sax Gallery is a delightful venue offering exhibitions featuring some of Canada's premiere artists along with emerging new talent. Historical and contemporary art delivers a revealing glimpse into the unique Canadian spirit. Beautiful works of art chronicle Canada's vast wilderness. Revel in majestic landscapes and where bison, elk and big horned sheep run free and the elegance of nature shines through. Connect with the past and view Willock and Sax's Gallery collection of dynamic Inuit sculptures and First Nations art that celebrate Canada's rich aboriginal past. Celebrated sculptors offer art celebrating the Canadian landscape and culture gaining inspiration from ice cracks in glaciers to modern urban Canadian life.

The Willock and Sax Gallery is a fabulous place to stop and admire truly unique art. Take a moment out of your busy schedule, admire some truly remarkable works of art and celebrate the regaling spirit of Canada.

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