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Sunshine Village

Sunshine Village is an award-winning ski and snowboard resort located in Banff, Alberta, a mountain town nestled in the Canadian Rockies.

Offering a myriad of options for winter sports enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, Sunshine Village is an attractive choice for any skier or snowboarder looking for a new favorite winter destination. Sunshine Village offers a long winter season, lasting from early November through late May, and reports annual snowfall of up to 30 feet, providing optimal conditions for skiers and snowboarders over a total area of 3,358 acres.

With 107 runs, with the longest run measuring 5 miles, guests have many inviting options to choose from. Skiers and snowboarders of all levels can find the right terrain for their experience, with 20% of runs targeted at beginners, 55% for intermediate abilities, and the remaining 25% for people with advanced skills.

Earning the 2012-2013 Reader’s Choice Gold Award in the Calgary Herald for the fifth consecutive year, it is easy to see why Sunshine Village has become an attractive destination for skiers and snowboards from all over North America. When planning your next ski or snowboard vacation, check out Sunshine Village and see why it’s one of the most popular options in Canada.

Area Hotels:

Banff Inn

501 Banff Ave · Banff · AB · T1L 1A9 · (403) 762-8844

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