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Mountain Spa

The Mountain Spa, located in Banff Alberta, Canada, is a dream destination for a vacationer looking for a few days of rest and relaxation.

The spa, features numerous treatments that are sure to please guests with many different needs. The natural setting in the Canadian Rockies will truly bring a guest back to nature and allow for complete relaxation and harmony.

Along with the typical spa treatments such as massage, body wraps, facials and body scrubs, the Mountain Spa also offers more unique treatments. Treatments such as electrolysis, acupuncture, laser treatments and hand and foot treatments are available as well. Reasonably priced, the Mountain Spa offers spa packages ranging $95.00 to $140.00 lasting anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes. Booking a dual massage is a great way to find serenity with a loved one. A great feature of the Mountain Spa is the “B.F.F Spa Package”. Geared for two best friends, this can be an amazing way to get away from it all and bond with a close friend over head to toe pampering.

The Mountain Spa is a truly unique and serene destination for those who are looking for serious rest and relaxation.

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Banff Inn

501 Banff Ave · Banff · AB · T1L 1A9 · (403) 762-8844

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