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Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum

Step back into time and explore the rich history of Canada's First Nations peoples at the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum in Alberta Canada. Chronicling the lives of the aboriginal native Canadians, the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum illuminates a lost world to visitors from around the world.

A charming rustic fort style building constructed from locally sourced fir, the museum houses an impressive collection of exhibits and artifacts of North America's First Nations Peoples. The Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum helps bring the ancient traditions and customs of the aboriginals alive. The Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum offers a variety of artifacts and memorabilia including hides, furs, taxidermy, paintings, ceremonial outfits, teepees, and intricate costumes. From bison hunts to local wildlife and ceremonial dances, the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum provides an intimate look into a lost culture.

Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum is located near Canada's stunning Baff Park and is the perfect destination to stop and learn a little local history. Travel back in time and imagine Canada's wild past and the people who lived and thrived in the wilderness. Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum honors the traditions of the first peoples to walk our lands and reminds us to cherish our history and human diversity.

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