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Bow Falls

One of the most majestic waterfalls in Alberta is located within Banff National Park. Bow Falls is a beautiful, roaring cascade of aqua green water located on the Bow River. These gorgeous falls are located within walking distance from the heart of Banff National Park, which makes it a suitable adventure for smaller children and inexperienced hikers.

The water of Bow Falls has a unique blue/green color that is caused by glacial sediment from all of the nearby glaciers. While the falls alone are worth viewing, you might want to pause for a minute while you are there and take in the impressive scenery. Meandering rivers such as the Bow River have carved out deep canyons in the breathtaking landscape surrounding the falls! If you look closely, you may even see some of the local wildlife peeking back at you through the dense forests.

What makes Bow Falls even more interesting is the size. If one makes the short trek to the falls expecting to see something equivalent to Niagara, they may be disappointed as Bow Falls is relatively small in size. However, this disappointment will surely be short-lived due to the many other amazing features of Bow Falls, such as the sense of true wilderness and the breath-taking landscapes!

The best time to visit Bow Falls might be during the spring and early summer seasons when water levels are highest. So while you are planning your Banff National Park vacation, be sure to pencil in Bow Falls!

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