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Banff Park Museum

Travel back in time and explore the wonders of the wild at Banff Park Museum in Banff Alberta, Canada. Cataloging the wildlife and history of the rich Canadian wilderness, the Banff Park Museum gives visitors an incredible chance to step back in time and marvel at a forgotten world of natural diversity.

The Banff Park Museum, built in 1895, welcomes visitors to the majestic Banff Park and wilderness. The two story building captures the rustic charm of early North American national park architecture and is the oldest museum in Western Canada. A charming Swiss influenced cross log building built from local fir trees is sure to delight. Dazzling clerestory windows fill the museum with natural light and illuminate its natural treasures. The Banff Museum houses a large collection of animal specimens. These masterful works of taxidermy bring the animals to extraordinary life and gives visitors a chance to admire these majestic beasts in all their glory.

The museum provides fascinating guided tours highlighting the rich history of Banff Park. Visitors have a chance to interact with the exhibits a feature both children and adults adore. The Banff museum was curated by celebrated meteorologist Norman Bethune Sanson. Sanson tirelessly preserved dozens of animals and botanical samples protecting the history of Banff Park and the Canadian wilderness for generations to come.

The Banff museum is truly an unique experience. This charming museum brings the wonders of wildlife and nature to your fingertips. Full of wondrous curiosities, the Banff museum is a memorable experience that visitors all ages will love.

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