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Banff Centre

The Banff Centre in Alberta Canada is the largest physical place that holds creative learning and expression. From writing to performance arts, the Banff Centre has helped artists develop their creativity to its fullest potential.

Not only do artist enjoy their time spent at Banff, but visitors also that come to the various festivals the centre holds every year. One popular festival that should never be missed is the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival. It takes place every year for nine days in the fall, most often starting in late October. The festival showcases the best talent and creativity in film and written word the world over. Any outdoors enthusiasts would enjoy the festival. From author-readings to wall climbing, the event hosts various activities for the mountain enthusiast and artist alike.

Every artist or creative individual should make visiting the Banff Centre a part of their bucket list. It cannot, nor should not be understated how truly wonderful and inspiring this place is. Nestled in the mountains of Alberta Canada, this art Centre is truly a diamond in the rough amongst countless art centres’s across the globe.

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Banff Inn

501 Banff Ave · Banff · AB · T1L 1A9 · (403) 762-8844

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