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Baja is Earth’s second largest peninsula (after Arabian Peninsula) that covers more than 1200km of untamed areas. It consists of two large Mexican states including Baja California and Baja California Sur. From the northern tip of Tijuana to the southern most of Los Cabos, a stretch of Carretera Transpeninsular (Mexican Federal Highway 1) offers an interesting sight at every turn. Along your trip in the highway, there can be many places where you can consider yourself being in the middle of nowhere; as it turns out, it is not as scary as often heard. The local residents are helpful and relaxed. Side roads that pass through small villages also reveal the view of mountains and rarely seen.

Among all the attractions that Baja has to offer, the Isla Espiritu Santo is a true wonder that anyone should see at least once in a lifetime. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and comprised of more than 240 small islands. Professional operators are at your service to cater your needs for snorkeling or kayaking. You may need to spend a day to get to each worthy place in the site. A place called Land’s End is not to be missed either; a trip on a panga (open fishing boat) to the Arch will also take you to witness the dynamic nature’s wonders of sea lions and pelicans.

In La Paz bay from October to March is the time when you can witness researchers study whale sharks, because during that time the big fish come together in the placid water of the bay. There are different assignments for examples assisting researchers with tagging and naming the tagged sharks. It requires advance reservation because the researchers do not offer to rent any specific equipment to do the jobs. Please remember that this trip is only allowed when the condition is good enough.

Grey whales gather in San Ignacio Lagoon in the winter months. If you ever want to see a whale up close, this is the place!

Not as popular as some of the larger cities but worth mentioning is Cabo Pulmo. This small town is located in a Marine Protected Area. For quiet snorkeling and diving, Cabo Pulmo is worth visiting.

When Whale Watching in Baja, contact:

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Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez 2255 · La Paz · Baja California Sur · 23000 · +52 877-560-2252

Whale watching year around in Baja California, Mexico Spectacular whale watching encounters in San Ignacio Lagoon and Baja's Sea of Cortez.

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