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Haven’t you always wanted to go Down Under to the unique continent of Australia? Now is the time! Australia is home to a rich assortment of landscapes, people, and experiences just waiting for you.

Australia is the world’s largest island, surrounded completely by oceans. Australia’s regions will excite you with their diversity. Just some of the places you will want to visit are the national capitol of Canberra, the city of Sydney in New South Wales with its fantastic Opera House, and the state of Queensland. One of Queensland's attractions is Great Barrier Reef, which is considered one of the most amazing places in this world. Queensland is also the right place for anyone interested in outdoor adventures of almost every sort!

The Northern Territory, at the top of the country, is home to the familiar Ayers Rock (Uluru) and other national monuments. The island state of Tasmania is covered with mountainous national parks. One of the most popular attractions of Australia is the

Aborigines are the native people of Australia, but most other residents are immigrants from other countries, or have descended from immigrants. English is the most commonly spoken language - although the accent may take some getting used to!

There are just under 25 million friendly people in Australia, with the majority living in close proximity to the beautiful coastlines. There is not another place in the world with the rich diversity and beauty of Australia. Once you visit, you’ll be glad you did.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful nation tucked away in the southern area of the Pacific. From end to end, great and majestic mountains sprawl across the nation. The people are kind and the weather lovely!

New Zealand has an ample amount of leisurely activities and distractions. One may choose to explore the caves that cover the island, or sample the locally produced wine. New Zealand is also the home of Middle Earth. Most of the scenes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy were filmed on the island itself, because of its wide variety in geographic features.

If these things do not suit you, then perhaps one may choose to explore the Maori culture, of which there is evidence all over the island. The weather is typically quite permitting of the many activities to partake in on the island.

Expect mild temperatures, with the average year round temperature lingering in the mid-60s. If you're accustomed to life in the northern hemisphere, then expect seasons to be a bit backwards. Summer is from December to February, and winter is from June to August, with Spring and Fall in between.

If one has never considered visiting New Zealand. it is a beautiful place, world renowned for its awe inspiring landmarks. The wildlife is beautiful and diverse. There is much to be explored culturally as well! A visit to New Zealand would surely have a lasting, and amazing impression upon anyone who chooses to visit!

Plan a visit soon!

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