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Reems Creek Golf Course

36 Pink Fox Cove Road Weaverville, NC 28787
Distance from hotel: 17.3 mi
Phone: (828) 645-4393

When seeking fun in North Carolina, always try to blend your favorite pastimes with the majestic scenery and lovely landscapes you can only find there. To this end, golf is a wonderful sport to play in North Carolina and Reems Creek Golf Course in Asheville is a wonderful golf course to play in.

Reems Creek Golf Course offers vistas and panoramas of gorgeous greens in their 18-hole golf course. Reems Creek Golf Course is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains where it can truly offer challenging courses that test the knowledge of golfers. The terrain of the courses varies from flat to uphill and there are constant obstacles to overcome to stay on par. There are three courses at Reems Creek, labeled by color: Blue, White, and Red. The Red course is just over 4,600 yards and offers a superb challenge to any golfers who take it on. The White course measures in at over an impressive 6,100 yards and is substantially more difficult than the Red Course. Finally, the Blue course is the most difficult and the longest of all three courses, coming in at nearly 6,500 yards.

Watch the lakes and sand traps and always remember to take in the sights as you are having fun.

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