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Montford Music & Arts Festival

Montford Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801
Distance from hotel: 7.2 mi

If you're in Asheville or Montford neighborhood in the month of May, then you must consider yourself to be quite lucky because you get a wonderful opportunity to stand witness to the most-exciting musical extravaganza in the whole of Western North Carolina. Billed as the largest annual music and art event to happen in this part of the world, the Montford Music & Arts Festival is something you can only ill-afford to miss. It's the largest music and arts festival held in all of western North Carolina occurs once per year in the city of Asheville. This live music event is only for one day, but hosts enough fun to make memories that last a lifetime!

The festival is located in the historic community of Montford, where artists will perform on closed off streets lined with buildings as old as 100 years or more. The event is free to all, and opened to the public. During the performances, which are all done by musical artists with some sort of roots to Asheville, there will be as many as 100 vendors offering food and fun to the community. In addition, you'll find a large number of vendors of art, crafts, plants, food and children's activities will be seen on action on both the stages - Montford Avenue and Soco Street - where the day-long festival will be conducted with pomp and gaiety. The terrific thrill and endless entertainment offered by a series of bands and musical arts will be something you can get to find only at this unique festival.

The Montford Music and Arts Festival is sure to entertain people of all ages, and all walks of life. Music invokes positive, uplifting vibes to those absorbing it, and this music festival is sure to bring happiness to the crowd. When in Asheville, North Carolina be sure to attend this widely loved local event hosted by the friendly people in the Asheville community.

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