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Mission Hospital

428 Biltmore Ave Asheville, NC 28801
Distance from hotel: 7.9 mi
Phone: (828) 213-0923

Mission Hospital in Asheville North Carolina USA The Mission Hospital was started in 1996 as an organizational partnership of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Memorial Mission Medical Centre, which was merged fully by 1998. This multi-specialty hospital falls in the category of general medical and surgical type.

Mission Hospital holds a great name in providing quality treatment, excellent care and services to each and every patient individually. The medical services include Cancer, Heart, Surgery, Orthopedics, Emergency and Trauma, Women’s services, Children’s Hospitals and a lot more. The medical specialties section includes Endoscopy, Respiratory Therapy, Urology, Psychiatric Services Long-term Acute Care and many more.

There are 730 beds in Mission Hospital, and it had performed around 14,417 annual inpatient as well as 25,422 outpatient surgeries, as per the latest year’s report. It is accredited by The Joint Commission. Another stunning fact about this hospital is that it has around 27,000 top class physicians in various medical specialties available there.

In a great, vast and developed country like USA that has a specialty hospital after every few meters; it is undoubtedly a prestigious thing for Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, USA, to be considered as one of the best hospitals of 2012 according to the nationally ranked US News.

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