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Grovewood Gallery

111 Grovewood Road Asheville, NC 28804
Distance from hotel: 9.3 mi
Phone: (828) 253-7651

Asheville, North Carolina is home to Grovewood Gallery. The gallery is set in the beautiful scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Prepare to experience art, crafts, rare collections and history by artists from around the United States.

Grovewood Gallery is known for its display art of traditional American and contemporary crafts. Opened in 1992, Grovewood sought to bring about a style collection of simple yet high quality handcrafted furniture, lighting, and accessories. The gallery features garden sculptures that compliments the lovely setting of the mountains. The gallery also features a working artists studio. The second floor feature of the handcrafted furniture is what will truly amaze the human eye. The craftsman are know for paying attention to detail.

Asheville is known for being the number one small city for arts in the United States. Visit Groveland Gallery and you will understand once you see its most popular feature of handcrafted furniture. One customer stated, "we have not visited the Car Museum, but we have been to the Grovewood Gallery on several occasions." Another customer was quoted as saying, "We spent two hours just looking around! Incredible craftsmanship and quality." Lastly, a visitor said, "Do not miss this!"

Visit Grovewood Gallery ,a place known for its panoramic views. Visit and find out why Niche Magazine voted Grovewood Gallery Top Retailer of American Craft.

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