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Grove Arcade

One Page Avenue Asheville NC
Distance from hotel: 6.8 mi
Phone: (828) 252-7799

Shopping at the Grove Arcade - Not Just Another Shopping Center!

In downtown Ashville North Carolina, Grove Arcade offers the region’s best shopping and entertainment in one centralized location. Ashville is located between Charlotte NC and Knoxville TX. Grove Arcade offers quality dining, shopping, art viewing, and much more!

Grove Arcade is the premier option for shopping in the region. Whether it is high fashion, casual fashion, men's fashion or women's shopping you will find whatever your heart desires! After a long day of shopping you will develop quite the appetite. To feed your cravings you can choose from gourmet burgers, Italian cuisine, snacks and more. Many other services are offered at Grove Arcade including hair styling, real estate and optometry.

Grove Arcade was founded in 1927 when namesake E.W. Grove instituted his plan of making downtown Ashville a booming commercial centre. Now over 80 years later Grove Arcade draws people from all over the Carolinas, the South, and around the world. The site is a National Historic Site and is registered with the Federal Government. The architecture is outstanding and is a throwback to the turn of the last century.

This is certainly something you have to see to believe!

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