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Goombay! Festival

Downtown Asheville
Distance from hotel: 7.0 mi

In late August, in downtown Asheville, NC you can experience the magic of "Goombay". Head to Market and Eagle streets, and you will find the Goombay Festival in full swing. An African-Caribbean festival held to commemorate the days of a people who endured slavery in Bermuda. Stemming from the original word “Gombey” meaning rhythm, attractions will be music in the air and expression in movement.

Since 1982 YMI Cultural Center has sponsored this occasion. Known as the event that brings people together it is the city’s second largest street festival. Times for the event are Friday noon to 9:30pm, Saturday noon to 10pm and Sunday 11 to 6pm.

You will experience authentic Caribbean meals and third world crafts. There will be vendors lining the streets and local restaurants and cafes catering to the celebration of Goombay.

A parade will be held Saturday at noon with dancers wearing colorful costumes, with grotesque masks, and high headdresses topped with feathers. The sounds of local gospel groups, steel drums, and contemporary rhythm bands will also be a part of the celebration.

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