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Ghost Hunters of Asheville

1 Page Avenue Asheville, NC 28806
Distance from hotel: 6.8 mi
Phone: (828) 779-4868

Ghost Hunters of Asheville is located in Asheville, NC. The tours meet in the Grove Arcade at the corner of O’Henry and Battery Park Avenues and last 90 minutes. Tours are hosted by four ladies with diverse backgrounds who share a love of history and adventure. Three tours are offered including Downtown spirits, Haunted Montford, and Graveyard Ghosts.

The Downtown Spirits tour is an overview of ghost stories, paranormal information, and Ashville history. This tour includes photos of apparitions, mists, and orbs taken on the tours. The Haunted Montford tour meanders through the haunted streets and alleys of a historic neighborhood. The Graveyard Tour enters the spirit world of Riverside Cemetery.

Tickets for the tours are not too expensive, and children under 7 are free. Asheville, NC is a city that is rich in history and culture. The ghost tours are a popular activity for those looking for a true taste of the city. They are the only tour offering free equipment and participants are guaranteed to see paranormal photos.

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