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French Broad Brewing Company

101 Fairview Road Asheville, NC 28803
Distance from hotel: 7.3 mi
Phone: (828) 277-0222

The French Broad Brewing Co. is located at 101 Fairview Rd # D, Asheville, NC 28803. The French Broad Brewing Co, offers a good selection of five stable beers, for your year-round enjoyment, with a tasting room every day, excluding Sundays, from 1-8 pm. The Tasting Room also showcases live music from local area musicians on stage every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

There are special bargain beer nights twice a week, with discounts per pint or per refill. See the website for our calendar and more details on musical and other events. The French Broad Brewing Co website also carries an extensive list of distributors of our products: places that proudly serve our brews. Also on the website can be found a directory of the French Broad Brewing Co. beers, including descriptions, names, and flavors to indicate the wide variety of brews that are carried. Take a look at the great descriptions and decide which brew is right for you. Then, come on down to the tasting site and see which ones you like, or else, check out the list of distributors and find a nearby seller. You can even check out which places carry which ones of our very popular brews.

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