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The Country Club of Asheville

Distance from hotel: 10.1 mi
Phone: (828) 258-9185

Imagine playing a round of golf on a championship 18-hole course, enjoying a work out and a swim, and then sitting down to an amazing dinner with your family. With over one hundred years of experience providing this kind of outing, all of these activities can be enjoyed to the fullest and the Country Club of Asheville, conveniently located right in Asheville, North Carolina USA.

The Country Club of Asheville offers its members an 18-hole championship golf course, clay tennis court facilities, a wonderful family oriented swimming pool, a beautiful club house, and five-star meals to die for.

The highly prestigious club was founded in the 1880s, and offers a rich history to accompany its flawless reputation as a place where you can really relax and live the good life. You and your family will enjoy meeting some great people, enjoying all sorts of activities, and will enjoy a high level of prestige.

So if you want to enjoy the finest facilities in the area and belong to a fantastic country club, see if you qualify for membership at the Country Club of Asheville. Golf, food, and fun await you.

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