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Brewgrass Festival

Martin Luther King Jr. Park
Distance from hotel: 8.1 mi

Brewgrass is a festival in Asheville, North Carolina that offers a crafted beers as well as an enticing selection of bluegrass bands. The Brewgrass Festival will take place in mid-September and tickets are expected to cost around $45.

A recent edition of Brewgrass offered crafted beers from 40 national breweries, with the Green Man Ale's cocount ferkin (!) as well as the Belgian Blonde being particularly popular. Acts that have joined the Brewgrass festival in previous editions include the Infamous String Dusters, Cadillac Sky, The Osborne Brothers and the Yonder Mountain String Band, Mountain Heart, Cumberland River, Jett's Creek, Bloodroots Barter and Sanctum Sully.

The lineup for this the next edition is never known until the Festival gets a little closer on the calendar, but you can be assured that the acts will continue to be spectacular and help to attract large crowds. Tickets usually go on sale in early May so you might want to check with the Festival's website for ticket pricing, schedule of events and musical acts booked for the event.

Brewgrass is very popular within North Carolina, and tickets are know to sell out quickly once the sale is announced. The Brewgrass Festival has been ranked among the Top 10 North American Beer Festivals by the Outside magazine, providing it with some additional exposure outside the state boundaries.

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