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The Botanical Gardens at Asheville

151 W.T. Weaver Blvd, Asheville, NC 28804-3414
Distance from hotel: 8.7 mi
Phone: (828) 252-5190

The Botanical Gardens at Asheville are located on ten acres of land in Asheville, North Carolina. The Gardens are on the southern end of the University of North Carolina at Asheville campus, a short distance from Exit 25 on I-26. Open from dawn to dusk, the Gardens have their own parking lot at 151 Weaver Blvd. The Gardens are open year-round, but the gift shop and other facilities are closed in winter.

The Gardens specialize in plants and fungi from the Southern Appalachian Mountains, which, for those in the know, sports a diverse floristic assemblage. The Gardens strive to strike a balance between eye-catching foliage and flowers, which draws in children and adults alike, and rare or otherwise scientifically interesting plants for the botanically inclined. Non-botanists will enjoy the spring blooming season from April to May the most, but something is sure to be in bloom in the summer, fall and even winter months.

With free admission, tourists can't really go wrong including a visit to the Botanical Gardens at Asheville. Locals get a lot out of the Gardens as well, and there are many eager volunteers. Couples looking for a rustic setting for a wedding or reception take advantage of the Gardens' low rates, and include an indoor facility in case of rain.

Sundays usually feature lectures by experts on a variety of subjects of interest to the gardener and amateur naturalists or all ages. Many people come to see the Asheville Botanical Gardens because they represent one of the few places in the United States to feature rare and endangered plant species such as Oconee Bells, Pale Yellow Trillium, and Broad-leaved Coreopsis.

The gardens receive an influx of visitors during April and May when thousands of Trillium, Wild Geraniums, and Spring-beauties cover the Gardens' hills and fields. In the spring, the Asheville Botanical Gardens boast one of the largest Trillium populations in the Southeastern United States.

Thousands of people rush to the Gardens during the early fall when the asters bloom. Since the Gardens opened in 1961, the attraction has been visited over 100,000 times.

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