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Black Mountain College Museum

56 Broadway Street Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: (828) 350-8484

The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center was founded in 1993 by Mary Holden to honor and pay tribute to the spirit and history of Black Mountain College and to acknowledge the College's role as a forerunner in progressive, interdisciplinary education with a focus on the arts.

Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center is a resource center in downtown Asheville commemorating the history of Black Mountain College which offered education with the idea that art is central to any student's education is the central principle on which the school was founded. The legacy of the artistic innovation and the history of the experimental educational community are featured at the Museum. The museum offers exhibitions, archives, research materials about the experimental education community.

The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center gives modern day visitors a glimpse of history, preserving an era when art and literature struggled to find a place in education. The school was founded in 1933 in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Set against a background of depression era economics, the school boldly asserted that art was an indispensable part of any student's education despite the fact that art is often seen as an impractical luxury, particularly in an economic depression. At the same time, the rise of the Nazi party in Germany created an exodus of intellectual talent, many of whom found a new home at the school in North Carolina.

The actual college closed in 1957, but the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center was created in 1993 to honor the progressive ideals on which the school was founded. Art, ideas, science and discourse are integrated with the intention of creating a forum with an emphasis on process rather than results.

If you are interested in Black Mountain, it is a town in Buncombe county, near Asheville in Western North Carolina. The downtown consists of many eclectic shops, helping to foster tourism, an important staple of the region's economy. Black Mountain provides a background for diverse outdoor adventures. Other attractios are romantic getaways, vacations and honeymoon seasonal funs.

Renowned personalities like singers Roberta Flack and David Lamotte, former basket ball player Brad Daugherty and NFL quarterback Brad Johnson and Roy Williams are from Blackmountain. Many christian retreat areas are near the town such as the Ridgercrest and Montreat conference centers.

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