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Biltmore Forest Country Club

31 Stuyvesant Road Asheville, North Carolina 28803
Distance from hotel: 8.9 mi
Phone: (828) 274-1261

The Biltmore Forest Country Club provides its guests with the rich culture of Asheville, North Carolina.

Built in 1922, the BFCC takes pride in maintaining its strict dress code and its importance of proper etiquette, as it has always done so. It grants its members privacy, security, and relaxation. This splendid club offers an 18-hole length golf course, as well as pools, restaurants, full bars, practice areas, and so much more. The BFCC offers public and private golf courses. With its 18-length golf course, it is a perfect place for golf lovers.

Built in 1925, its golf season extends all year long. Rental cars as well as rental clubs are available. The golf course features 27 bunkers, seven water hazards, and amazing scenery. The Biltmore Forest Country Club has a reputation for providing only the finest of things. Its golf course was chosen to host the Women’s Amateur Championship in 1999 and has been chosen again to host the Women’s Mid-amateur Championship for 2013.

It offers the best and ensures its members a pleasant experience any time throughout the year.

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