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Bele Chere Festival

Downtown Asheville
Distance from hotel: 6.8 mi

The Bele Chere festival first started back in 1979. Hosted yearly on the last full weekend in July, Bele Chere is a Street Festival that hosts a wide variety of events such as arts, music, children’s activities food tents and various vendors. It’s located in downtown Ashville and was originally held on 3 blocks downtown as a means by local merchants and entrepreneurs to try and revitalizing the business district as many of the Merchants decided to go elsewhere leaving the downtown core and instead moving their businesses to the outskirts.

Now thriving in present day, Ashville’s downtown is packed full of culture with its many restaurants, galleries, theatres and art exhibits, retail businesses and of course the growing number of people who decided to reside there. If you would like to attend this year’s Bele Chere Festival, it will be held in late July. You'll be glad you did as you walk through the streets of Ashville seeing why so many artists flock here year after year and maybe even pick up some fine American made art, grab a bite to eat or fill your ears with the sound of beautiful music.

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