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Asheville Tourists Baseball

30 Buchanan Place Asheville, NC 28801
Distance from hotel: 8.2 mi
Phone: (828) 258-0428

The Asheville Tourists are a minor league baseball team Focated in Asheville, North Carolina. Playing their home games at McCormick field on the south side of Asheville, the Tourists have been providing entertainment to the local residents since 1915, and have been the Class A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies since 1994.

Fans are able to watch games for as low as $7.00 per ticket, and the team hosts numerous promotions throughout the season. Promotions scheduled for 2012 include five fireworks nights, one dollar hot dog night, and one dollar beer night. McCormick Field, originally built in 1924, provides an intimate, old-fashioned feel to the stadium, as the capacity is only 4,000.

The team has won 5 championships in their history, most recently in 1984. The tourists have proven to be very popular among locals, providing them with a convenient way to see professional, major-league affiliated baseball. The 2011 season was a very successful season for the Tourists, with over 150,000 tickets sold for their home games. For the 13th consecutive season, the Tourists will be coached by Joe Mikulik.

Famous Major League players who have played for the tourists in the past include Todd Helton, Juan Uribe, and Shawn Chacon.

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