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Asheville Outdoor Center

521 Amboy Road Asheville, NC 28806
Distance from hotel: 3.9 mi
Phone: (828) 232-1970(828) 2

The Asheville Outdoor Center is best known for its amazing river trips. The owners have 25 years of experience with outdoor recreation and have been providing the popular river trips since 1992. All necessary equipment for the river trips are provided along safety instructions.

Anyone can come for the fun as long as they are 35 lbs or more. For other fun on the river, the Asheville Outdoor Center also offers Stand-Up Paddleboarding. There are lessons offered by the qualified instructors as well as multiple options for longer trips. The Asheville Outdoor center has been recognized for its excellence with awards from both Riverlink and the Land and Sky Regional Council.

The Asheville Outdoor Center offers activities for land lovers as well such as bicycle rentals which many people use to explore the beautiful trails along the riverside. Map information, as well as safety information is also available to cyclists. Gem mining is also offered and is popular for those of all ages. A campground is also available for those looking to extend their stay. The campground offers a true camping experience for those looking to "rough it" and provides an area for a tent as well as a fire spot and picnic table.

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