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Asheville Community Theatre

35 East Walnut Street Asheville, NC 28801
Distance from hotel: 7.4 mi
Phone: (828) 254-1320

Located centrally between Knoxville TN and Charlotte NC, Asheville Community Theatre in Asheville North Carolina USA offers the best night out available around! Whether you are interested in see a modern rendition of Guys and Dolls, or the comedic performance of The Santa Land Diaries you do not need to leave the south to experience Broadway first hand.

The theatre is located at 35 East Walnut in central Ashville. Now in its 66 season, Asheville Community Theatre offers something for everyone. Friday and Saturday night shows are available as well as Sunday matinees. There is nothing like seeing a Pulitzer Prize winning novel come to life!

Being the oldest operating theatre in Asheville, Asheville Community Theatre offers not only great shows but also classes to improve your stand up or your acting skills. The direction a theatre company takes changes from time to time depending on the point of view of the person chosen to offer that direction. The Asheville Community Theatre is having a renaissance in older plays in addition to the modern works of up and coming writers and directors.

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