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Asheville NC is a median sized city that has a metropolitan population of around 500,000 located in the far eastern part of North Carolina. The city was founded in the year 1784 by the a early American military colonel by the name of Samuel Davidson, as well as his family. They started the town in the Swannanoa River. The family settled in this new area due to the fact that Davidson was given a land grant for fighting for the 13 United States in the American Revolutionary War as a colonel . Only ten years after the first settler came to the are, the former lone Swannanoa settlement had evolved into a town with a population of around one thousand persons.

The city of Asheville North Carolina has a moderate temperate and it gets a moderate amount of rain. The city is actually located in cultural the cultural area known as Appalachia. It is one of the more modern and populated city in the Appalachian region. Geographical speaking the city is located at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. The elevation of most of the city is about 2,000 feet.

The community is noted for its history in the coal mining and railroad industries. Several percent of the workers in the city are still employed as coal miners, who although were once impoverished in the past now make more money than the average working American. Nevertheless the coal mining industry has died in this city, and the economy of the city has grown to be far more developed then the economy of most other Appalachian cities. Most workers in the city are now employed in either technology, medicine, business or construction. The city is known for designing high schools in a castle like style. The Ashville High School is a prime example of this architecture technique.

The city of Ashville North Carolina, has been influenced by the modern technological based culture of North Carolina and Virginia, as well as the rough applicant culture that the city officially belongs to. The city of Ashville is one of the healthiest and wealthiest Appalachian cities in the United States. There is more of a focus on the arts, and culture than is typical of most cities. The city is also known for its long history. Although the city is not close the ocean it exhibits plenty of geographical uniqueness, the area round the city is extremely green, and the city itself is famous for being quite modern and comfortable.

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