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Explore an amazing slice of the American south and visit the great state of Arkansas. Visitors from around the world flock to Arkansas to revel in its stunning natural beauty. Whether you're looking for an outdoor adventure, a relaxing trip to a hot springs spa, explore charming small towns, to try your luck searching for a diamond, or to stomp your foot to some home style blue grass music, Arkansas is your ultimate southern destination.

Arkansas is a state rich in wonders and natural beauty. Stunning fall foliage grace the Arkansas scenery during fall and treasures abound year round. The Ouachitas and the Ozrark Mountains offer beautiful scenery and premiere outdoor adventures. Hike along miles of scenic rivers and enjoy stunning rugged mountain scenery. Try your luck at unearthing riches and explore Arkansas's renowned caverns and crystal mines. If you're lucky you might even unearth a diamond in Crater of Diamonds State Park. Looking to relax and restore your spirit after a day digging in the dirt for diamonds? Visit Arkansas spectacular Hot Springs National Park where you can enjoy time honored holistic healing waters. Arkansas features a network of charming small towns full of unique regional charm, culture and art. Arkansas hosts award winning blue grass and jazz festivals and is a mecca for blues and folk music. Escape from your hectic life and relax at the numerous spas, resorts and charming small town bed and breakfasts.

Whether you're looking to hike, ride, hunt fish, admire majestic scenery, relax, hunt for gems and minerals or spend some time soaking up small town charm, Arkansas is your ultimate southern destination. Unearth America's hidden treasure and visit the great state of Arkansas today.

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