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American River Rafting - South Fork

Though the rapids have forceful names like "Troublemaker" and "Satan's Cesspool", they are not too intimidating themselves. Exciting enough to get your heart pumping, they are still reasonable enough for kids as young as eight years old to enjoy. Most consist of large waves or swift bends in the river. And all of them are followed by calm pools, which makes it easy to re-group and get prepared for the next thrill ride.

The South Fork lies in the golden hillsides of the Sierra Nevada foothills, just forty miles east of Sacramento. The river winds through the tiny hamlet of Coloma--the town where gold was first discovered in California in 1848. The remainder of the river flows through a picturesque canyon-- in the spring, the hills are sprinkled with blooming wildflowers; in the summer, the hillsides bend toward the sky in a creamy caramel hue.

Oak, willow and pine trees dot the riverbanks. Ducks and geese float quietly in the calm pools.

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