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American River Rafting - Middle Fork

Though you will find historic remnants of the California Gold Rush in the Middle Fork canyon, what you won't see are houses. This is a remote wilderness area. Oak and pine trees cover the canyon walls while willow and wild grapevines decorate the riverbanks. During the spring, golden poppies and purple and pink lupine dot the landscape. In the summer, juicy blackberries lie plump on the vine and their sweet scent pervades the air. Any trip through this beautiful canyon represents a significant break from everyday life in the city.

The Middle Fork's Class IV rapids are literally famous, having been featured in many motion pictures. Their cinematic reputation is well deserved–they are built of chutes and large drops that appear intimidating but are actually quite forgiving. The Middle Fork's most well known rapid is Tunnel Chute–a steep and narrow chute of frothy whitewater that crashes over a six-foot drop and then through a 90-foot long rock tunnel!

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