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If you're really keen to choose a perfect vacation destination to provide all-round entertainment to your loved ones, there can't be one better than Alberta. That's because this unique province located in the heart of western Canada offers a totally new and memorable experience that tourists seldom get to witness elsewhere.

Once you step into this land of pristine beauty, you'll feel like being in an altogether different world that generates non-stop thrill to people of all age groups. And this is what makes Alberta the most exciting place to travel. From hiking, hunting, ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding, and ice climbing to canoeing and kayaking, wildlife viewing, snowmobiling and horseback riding, you can look forward to enjoying every moment of your stay in Alberta. If national parks such as Elk Island, Wood Buffalo, Waterton Lakes, William A. Switzer, and Jasper national park provide terrific outdoor adventure, shopping centers such as the West Edmonton Mall, Old Strathcona, Downtown Calgary and Banff guarantee a fabulous shopping experience that also enables you to save on taxes.

It's hard to come across another province in the entire region that can boast of world-renowned resorts, museums and a host of historic sites. If the various amusement and theme parks create a fun-filled atmosphere, then the several Science centers serve to enrich the visitor's knowledge. Needless to say, Alberta is a great touring spot that you can only ill-afford to miss.

Banff Alberta - Banff Alberta offers stunning views of Canada's Rocky Mountain region. Located inside of a national park, visitors to Banff are minutes away from beautiful mountain biking and hiking paths in Stoney Squaw, ski slopes down Mt. Rundle, and placid canoeing and fishing on Lake Minnewanka just to name a few locations.

Canmore Alberta - Canmore, Alberta, Canada officially became recognized in the late 1800s due to the boom of the coal industry. It's first mine opened in 1887, and it remained a coal-producing town until late into the 1970s.

Fort McMurray Alberta is located in Alberta, Canada and an urban service area for the nearby oil sands projects. Alberta's capital city is Edmonton, about a five hour drive southwest.

Grande Prairie Alberta View the attractions in and around Grande Prairie Alberta.

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