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While many spots in the Alaska are arguably among the best places on the planet to experience the intense feeling of being in the wilderness, Kenai Peninsula provides easy accessibility to such adventures. With snow-capped mountains and fjords, this place gives an almost fantasy-like world where true adventurers roam around. It does not matter if you are regular visitor or first-timer, the lost coves in secluded corners of Kachemak Bay State Park and Kenai Fjords National Park will bring you the rush of never-seen-before excitement and spectacles. Kenai Peninsula is only part of Alaska, but everything in it gives reasons why Alaska is as wild as it is.

The overall size of Kenai Peninsula is approximately similar to that of Belgium. Most of the eastern parts are dominated by ice fields, while the west offers lakes, hills, and coastline. Despite its seemingly untouched natural wilderness, Kenai Peninsula offers accessible network of rivers and trails for easy navigation. Several towns are present along the way such as Homer, Seward, and Hope to amuse you with plenty of cultural attractions and even nightlife. Kenai Peninsula is one of few areas in Alaska where agriculture is possible thanks to abundant rainfall; growing season is good for growing hay. Overall, the peninsula has coastal relatively mild climate.

One of the most interesting attractions, apart from the adventure itself, is Alaska Sealife Center. The entire facility is worth about $56 million and it serves as marine research center; in fact, this is the only coldwater marine research facility in the Western Hemisphere. It is filled with educational center and rehabilitation facilities for injured marine animals.

One of the most interesting exhibits is a room that replicates seabird colony with surround flocking and cacophonous bird sounds. Other exhibits include real time Homer tide, a film about marine research on a ship, and daily educational program.

The Kenai Peninsula offers many variety activities and sites to see. Among the most popular activities are scenic raft trips, freshwater or ocean fishing. Salmon and halibut are popular species in fishing charters, while salmon and trout offer great river fishing opportunities. Another great option for those looking to take it easy would be to take a cruise around the Kenai Peninsula.

During midsummer, the most popular activity is hiking through a 7-mile Lost Lake Trail. The trail goes to an alpine lake and it gives true scenic adventures in Kenai Peninsula. As you approach 4.5 mile up the trail, you can take a rest at the Clemens Memorial Cabins from which you can enjoy the view of Resurrection Bay. It is worth mentioning that the place is always full, so you may want to book way ahead. The last 2 miles of the trail are located above tree line.

The Kenai Peninsula also has plenty of lodging and cabin to offer so that visitor can find the right place to stay that provides the comfort they need.

The Kenai Peninsula is a great choice for a vacation spot as it offers a variety of activities and sights to see. Nature lovers will greatly appreciate what the Kenai Peninsula has to offer, so book your trip soon and enjoy what the Kenai Peninsula has to offer.

Riddle's Fishing Lodge: Kenai River Lodges

Riddles Fishing Lodge is a family-owned and operated lodge, with three generations operating it for over 35 years.

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